Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2 months old


You are two months old now and only getting cuter and cuter by the HOUR! You are 13.3 lbs (80th percentile) and 24 inches long (90th percentile).

You have grown a lot in the past month and I can only imagine where you will be in another month.

Bath time is a favorite time for you (dont mind me putting words in your mouth ;) You upgraded from sink baths to the 'big boy' bathtub. I think you really enjoy sitting in the water and we enjoy the time with you!

You have started smiling a lot and we love trying to get you to show us your adorable grin. You also have begun making cooing noises and other sounds that make us gasp and smile in adortation of you. The other noises you make have not ceased, you still grunt and snore all day long, along with plenty of other loud bodily noises that I will not go into detail about ;)

You are eating VERY well and growing so fast (and big!). Your brain is growing (according to babycenter.com) and will grow 5 cm by then end of your third month. You are following objects with your eyes better and also able to hold your head up without looking like a bobblehead (as much).

I returned to work this month and I am lucky enough to be able to bring you with me! I am so blessed to have an employer that is supportive and allows me to do this. Not many other mothers are as lucky as I am so be able to have their baby at work with them!

We took our first 'road trip' to Salisbury and you got to meet your cousins Noah and Alli and Scott's grandfather and his wife, Grampy Gil and June. You did so well in the car. It was also our first time co-sleeping and you did great :) You continue to love your swing and sometimes will stay awake for quite a while, just swinging and taking in your surroundings, mainly the picture frames on the wall which you will stare at for hours!

 Daddy also celebrated his first Father's Day this month. He is so thankful that you gave him this day :) We love you so much!!!! xoxo

Lincoln has brought a lot of changes to our lives, some of them obvious; diapers and baby spit-up are not so unfamiliar to us anymore. I remember how scared we (I) were the first time he threw up, I didn't want to go to sleep but just watch him sleep instead to make sure he was OK. Now it's no big deal. I don't feel like so much of a zombie doing night feedings anymore; night walking and half alseep, I'm getting to be quite a pro at changing diapers in the dark, except the wipe container gets left open a lot :/ I've traded in my purse for a diaper bag and I cannot get dressed without first evaluating how easy it will be to breastfeed in my outfit/top. Getting a close parking space at the grocery store is no concern of mine- I am on the look-out for the space closest to the cart rack! When he comes along, grocery trips are limited to items that can fit in around his carseat or in the front basket/bottom of the cart. I have come to not mind running errands/shopping- just so long as I am somewhere with a dressing room as they make for a quick and easy nursing area! Scott never expected to feel so much excitment in coming home and getting to see his family, and never realized how handy his kindle would come in hand, reading in the dark as he rocks Lincoln to sleep (you can't do that with a regular book, ya know!?). We created new life and he gave us awesome, new lives :)

Here are some other photos from the past month:


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