Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lucky #7

I knew babies changed people. Some babies bring out the good in people, some bring out the bad. I have watched people have babies all around me throughout my life, seen my nieces being born, given birth myself, and still never realized what being a parent entailed, until that very first night in the hospital when I got close to no sleep. (Scariest day of my life: getting the send-off at the hospital. What?! You want us to put this 3-day-old baby in the car, DRIVE him home and take care of him!?)  I would not change a thing. Even after the sleepless nights, the throw-up, getting poop on my hand at 3 am cause I am half-alseep while changing the diaper, or the extra time it takes to do anything. Parenthood is an awesome thing, and it is life changing, and as I watch Lincoln grow and develop day by day, hour by hour, I see myself growing too. Since becoming a mommy, I have learned some things about myself and about the world in which I now live.

I love zippers and despise snaps. If given the choice between a hideous footie with a zipper, or an adorable footie with a gazillion snaps...zipper it is!

I will never ever get an award for using the least amount of wipes for a diaper change. Poopy diaper? Give me at least 10 wipes.

Two words for ya: Rain. Sucks. Rainy day + Baby = suckiest of the suck.

I require a lot less sleep to function than I ever thought. (take note: I said ' to function'. I did not say 'to feel awesome'.)

And much more coffee. I never knew I could drink so much coffee. 10pm, 5 am, does not discriminate. Coffee sounds good right about now.

This mama will never be a songwriter. Listen to me try to make up songs for Lincoln and you would understand. I do not make sense. And I'm OK with that.

My mind is forever embedded with the tunes that Lincoln's toys play. This has got to be one of the leading causes of insanity in parents. I hear them in my head nonstop. When I am not hearing the tune of pop-goes-the-weasel or Old MacDonald, I am hearing an imaginary Lincoln crying. Who knew that every fan in the house could sound like a crying baby.

Most days I feel like a zombie. I do not see this changing anytime soon and I am slowly coming to terms with that.

I can get more done in the 20 minutes that Lincoln naps (yes, we've got a cat-napper on our hands) than I would have on any normal day before he came along. And making it through the day without multi-tasking? Ain't nobody got time for that!

I never was a big fan of holding hands. Until it was my little boys fingers holding mine as he drifts off to sleep. <3

Lincoln is 7 months old! Lincoln has begun to rock on all fours; has 2 teeth (1 is just coming in), loves shaking rattles, bathtime, napping with mommy, and is sitting up on his own. He can hold his own bottle to eat, although he'd prefer not to have to, likes his sippy cup and just about everything he has eaten- except beets and green beans. With any food that he likes, each bite is followed by 'mmmm'.


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