Friday, February 22, 2013

So close, but so much farther to go

  • How far along? 31 Weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: pineapple. Yummy :) 
  • Total weight gain/loss: 32 lbs. and definitely feeling it!
  • The Bump: it's there alright
  • Symptoms: Bad back pain kicked in this week and I am also starting to feel tired and easily exhausted, like I did during the first trimester
  • Food Cravings: Nothing specifically- just everything!
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: nope
  • Sleep: lots of tossing and turning
  • What I miss: sleeping on my stomach
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On
  • Any Names Picked Out Yet: Lincoln
  • Gender: Boy
  • Movement: Lincoln has the hiccups all of the time- even right now as a matter of fact! It is the strangest feeling, like a pulsing low in my abdomen- slower than a heartbeat but consistent like one. They usually last for a few minutes but sometimes up to 10 minutes and it happens 5-6 times during the day.
  • Maternity Clothes: wearing a mix of 'regular' clothes and maternity clothes
  • Best Moment of the Week: We are able to see Lincoln move more, whereas before it was just a kick or a punch (which are still visible), now I can see a body part move from one side of my stomach to the other. Can you say 'Freaky'? All checked out perfectly at our Dr appointment this week! Scott finished putting the crib together and I have done my first 5 loads of baby laundry- the first 5 of a gazillion, I am sure.  His room is almost ready for his arrival :) 
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: meeting our little one.  
    The Dr has also informed us that Lincoln is in the head-down position and will most likely stay in this position until birth. His back is on my left side and his arms and legs on my right side, which explains why I have been feeling lots of pressure under the right side of my ribs- someone is practicing his kicking in there :) Guessing from his size, the Dr says he is between 3.25-3.5 lbs right now. It's hard to believe that the Dr can tell so much just from palpating my stomach! 

    Friday, February 15, 2013

    Music makes the world go 'round

    ...And Mumford and Sons makes Lincoln dance!

    For Christmas this past year I gave Scott tickets to see Mumford and Sons at the Patriot Center in VA. So this week, we ventured to Fairfax for our first concert in a long time, and probably our last concert for a while, too :) Scott got a hotel room (with a King bed!) so that we wouldn't have to worry about driving back home late and when we checked into the room we found that they upgraded us to a room with a jacuzzi tub- SCORE! Although I am not supposed to get into a hot tub or any water that will raise my temperature over 102 degrees, I wasn't going to pass up the huge tub! I used it as a regular bathtub and took a long, nice and roomy bath before the concert. It was really a nice treat since our tub at home isn't very conducive to baths :)

    Simple pleasures!

     As it started to snow, we headed out to the Patriot Center, which was only about 4 miles from our hotel. We had to park in the very corner of the farthest lot and as we walked to the arena, we passed several empty parking spaces, but sometimes you just take the first spot you see and are grateful for that space! I love the feeling that arises when I near closer and closer to a concert venue; the hum and energy from the other concert-goers gets me amped up and the excitement builds- that is what we were both feeling! We missed the opening acts (Haim and Ben Howard) due to traffic and pregnancy-related causes- since I had to use the bathroom (which had ridiculous lines, of course) and I was getting pretty hungry too. We decided on Pizza and couple in front of us got the last slices! Although they offered me one of their slices, we decided to wait for more to arrive and when it did- boy was it yummy! Our seats were in the very top, last row and getting up that high made me a big uneasy at first which was strange because heights have never had that affect on me before. Then we waited for what would end up being one of the best concerts we've ever been to, to begin. 

    The light bulbs hung out over the crowd were really neat!

    The guys put on a great show and sounded unbelievable. They came out onto a small stage, at the far end of the main stage, at the end of the show to sing two acoustic songs which was really neat too. 

    Lincoln was moving the ENTIRE time, kicking and rolling. I am not one to listen to music loudly so this must have been quite an experience for him! Some of the songs got me emotional (I blame the hormones) - the guys just sounded SO great together and their voices were mesmerizing, and as I felt him moving I just couldn't stop thinking throughout the night how blessed I am to be bringing him into our lives. Scott took turns from clapping and snapping pictures to touch and rub my belly and I could tell he was just as amazed and happy as I was. As a finale, Ben Howard and Haim joined them back on stage to sing 'The Weight' by The Band which had a lot of energy. We didn't want it to end! But alas, the show must end, and as we left we couldn't stop talking about how amazing the concert was. We had a lot of fun, and as always, loved spending time together and sharing in these opportunities that we are able to have. 

    Here are some more videos that I took.

    Lincoln at his first concert, in-utero :P


    And you are the mother
    The mother of your baby child
    The one to whom you gave life
    And you have your choices
    And these are what make man great
    His ladder to the stars

    But you are not alone in this
    And you are not alone in this
    As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand
    Hold your hand
    -'Timshel', Mumford and Sons

    On another note, Lincoln and I are doing good. He gets the hiccups A LOT and weighs about 3 lbs- like a head of cabbage, and is able to regulate his own body temperature now.
    10 weeks to go!!

    Thursday, February 7, 2013

    Same list, different blog

    There are a few of these lists circulating on Facebook and blogs, so I found a list from a father to his son, and a list from a mother to her son, combined them, and chose my favorites. Parenting is going to be a trying and lifelong process, along with magnificent rewards, and who doesn't want to teach their children good values and give them a running start in leading a good life? Here are just a few, in no particular order:

    1. Play a sport. It will teach you how to win honorably, lose gracefully, respect authority, work with others, manage your time and stay out of trouble. And maybe even throw or catch.

    2. You will set the tone for the sexual relationship, so don't take something away from her that you can't give back.

    3. Use careful aim when you pee. Somebody's got to clean that up, you know.

    4. Save money when you're young because you're going to need it someday.

    5. Allow me to introduce you to the dishwasher, oven, washing machine, iron, vacuum, mop and broom.

    6. Don't ever be a bully and don't ever start a fight.
    The only time it is appropriate to use your fists is to defend yourself from someone else using theirs on you.

    Learn empathy. In all situations be able to put yourself in the position of the person you’re interacting with.

    8. Treat women kindly. Forever is a long time to live alone and it's even longer to live with somebody who hates your guts.

    Never let anyone do your thinking for you. There are far too many people with far too much invested in you believing what they believe. 

    10. Be strong and tender at the same time.

    11. A woman can do everything that you can do. This includes her having a successful career and you changing diapers at 3 A.M. Mutual respect is the key to a good relationship.

    12. "Yes ma'am" and "yes sir" still go a long way.
    Hold open the door, pull out the chair and give her your coat. Chivalry is not sexism. 

    13. The reason that they're called "private parts" is because they're "private". Please do not scratch them in public.

    14. Peer pressure is a scary thing. Be a good leader and others will follow.

    15. Bringing her flowers for no reason is always a good idea.

    16. It is better to be kind than to be right.
    And never lose sight of the fact that no matter how much you believe, no matter how convinced you may be that you are right — you might just be completely wrong. 

    17. A sense of humor goes a long way in the healing process

    18. Learn to dance with a partner. Nothing is classier than a man who can walk his partner onto the dance floor with confidence.

    19. Learn to filter. Before you say (or type!) anything, think about how the words you plan to use will sound in the ears of the person you are speaking to.

    20. Learn to disagree with someone without taking personal offense – if for no reason other than the fact that you can’t expect something from someone that you aren’t able to deliver yourself.

    21. Take pride in your appearance.

    22. Learn early to tie a tie and know your way around power tools.

    23. You don’t have to like their music, but be able to identify Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin when you hear them. Again, classy.

    24. Your knowledge and education is something that nobody can take away from you. Liberal arts grow your mind. Science and business keep you fed. You will need both.

    25. From your father: When picking a wife, you can never do better than your mother. From your mom: Remember to call your mother because I might be missing you.

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