Sunday, October 28, 2012

15 Weeks

15 Weeks pregnant today!

We don't have much news but our next appointment is Nov 1 and maybe THEN we will hear the hearbeat! What a waiting game :)

I've been feeling really good and finally seem to have gotten my energy back. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was taking naps quite often because I was so darn tired. Headachaes have been quite common in the past few weeks but I'm not sure if it pregnancy or allergy related- Scott has been getting them too. No wierd cravings but I do often think about those 3 jars of olives I ate in 4 days a few weeks back! (that's including drinking the juice of 1 jar as well). Sorry if you just gagged.

The baby is the size of a navel orange! Baby LaCoss is about 4 inches long and is moving and possibly hiccuping in there, though I can't tell. Baby can wiggle fingers and toes and even make breathing movements in preparation for life with us!

14 weeks pregnant....starting to show!

Milk, Does a body good.

My nurse and Little Red Riding Hood. I can't wait until my belly is actually this big!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tylenol, Pepto and Gas-X

Forgot to post this a few days ago:

I have been so lucky up until this point. But now I have seen the other side and I am weary, very weary. This week I was struck by abdominal cramping and really bad nausea. Turns out the cramping was just some gas making its way through. I may have  found a way to get the bed to myself at least, if nothing else positive came out of this experience. As for the nausea, time and a few goodies have really helped me through. Rice and ginger ale are now household staples. I was also lucky enough to receive this awesome surprise package on the day that I felt the absolute worst! Earth Mama Angel Baby has natural, organic products and several of them are intended to help with nausea!

Earth Mama Angel Baby products just for me!

The Morning Wellness tea was amazing and calmed my nerves enough for me to get some rest and the Happy Mama Spray smells ah-mazing. I have since used every product and they all feel great and smell great! My sister has gotten our entire family into essential oils and when I first started feeling bad, Scott made his own calming concoction of oils into a spray for me to use. Completely different smell but just as nice, and it makes me smile when I spray it just thinking of Scott at the kitchen sink, mixing oils for his pregnant wife. The doTERRA essential oils that Carrie sells are addicting but my all-time, go-to favorites have been Serenity, with Deep Blue coming in at a close second. Don't get me wrong- I am in no way, shape or form throwing away my Tylenol and Pepto chews, but the doTERRA products can substitute or compliment many OTC drugs.

Since I am spending a lot of my free time surfing the web, browsing baby and mama items, and getting emails from every company that has ever made a baby product, I would also like to take this time to share a product that I think may be the coolest thing since sliced bread! Of course there are the pregnancy pillows to choose from and belly bands to extend the life of my jeans, but who know there were cameo baby rattles out there!? I know this product may seem a little extravagant (and at $180, who wouldn't!?) but I still find the idea way too cool not to share! The rattles at Cameobyrux are carved to mirror silhouettes! Pointless, possibly. Awesome, yes!

Cameo baby rattles- wha?!

Camden will be turning 2 this weekend and I can't believe how time flies! I will try to take every moment in, completely- even the ones where I am nauseous! 

13 weeks pregnant!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 12!

We know nothing is written in pen (or is that saying 'in ink'?), but I think we both have taken a little sigh of relief knowing that we are now almost into the 2nd trimester. And as each week passes, it get a little bit more acceptable to start thinking about the nursery! We rent, so nothing too dramatic will be getting done- but what crafting, pinterest-loving, mother-to-be doesn't love dreaming of the possibilities!? My first thoughts are to decorate the room around this book:

 KIDDING! We haven't really given serious thought to nursery design but there have been some inspirations. Weirdly enough, we both have had the recent opportunity to get some of our childhood items back from out parents (Which goes to show what amazing parents we have for keeping our stuff for years and years!). Scott got back all of his baseball cards and Boy Scout items, I got some of the toys that I played with as a little one; a rattle, baby blankets as well as Trolls, dolls and LOTS of NKOTB memorabilia (that I reluctantly decided not to keep). Step by step, oo baby... anyways...Little things that bring back memories and allow us to remember bits and pieces of our wonderful childhoods. Here are a few nursery things I like:

Found a metal garbage pail similar to this at a flea market to repaint for diapers

Love the sayings on these posters, especially the first two!  From the Etsy shop HarperGrace

One of my most favorite songs of all time! From the Etsy shop TheInkSociety

Scott and I have very different backgrounds. He grew up as an 'Army brat' and got to live in far off places like Germany and Japan and got to travel to places in Europe. I grew up the same state, mostly the same house, always close to family and vacationed at US destination locations from Maine to Florida to California. I will always remember when we first started dating and I told him I had been to Disney World in FL and he respnded by saying that he had been to Euro Disney. Each of us was intrigued by the others childhood. It has had me thinking about our child's childhood and I can't wait to make it as memorable as me and Scott's combined! What better place to start a childhood than a nursery!

On another note, I am getting extremely excited about the upcoming holidays! Pumpkin decorations, Thanksgiving food and Christmas gift making!
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