Saturday, March 15, 2014

Loving Lincoln

Loving Lincoln

  Being an aunt is one of those things in life that brings me so much joy and happiness. Not only do I get to be a part of a child's life but I get to watch that child grow, reach milestones & share in their accomplishments along their journey through life.
Lincoln is very special to me; you see when Lincoln was born I was going through a very sad time. The day before his arrival my best friend of 17 years lost her mom suddenly. I was there at the hospital till the end. I had been crying more than not & my heart hurt badly. As I was off to buy a funeral dress I saw a text come through and thought: I simply cannot answer one more text about funeral plans, what happened, how I was or the other endless questions I had become lesion for. I grabbed my phone and saw the text was from Sarah. It was picture and the words “Welcome to the world Lincoln Jay LaCoss! 8lb 10 oz. healthy!” I burst into tears. It was at that moment I realized where there is death there is also life and this little guy was a reason the world would still turn, proof good things still happen & that life will continue to go on. I had many reasons to be appreciative and to smile; at this moment he was that reason. I looked at his picture in a parking lot of a store for probably 15 minutes. I was so happy for Scott, Sarah, Bip, Lala and all the other family members who would get the honor of being in this sweet boy’s life.

The First time I met Lincoln Jay he was so small and didn’t do much but my dogs sure took a liking to him. Licking his face, laying on the floor right beside him and taking him in as if he was the newest member of the “wolf pack.” I held him and he looked up and smiled. This kid already had my heart but now he had me wrapped around that oh so tiny finger.
As the months went on and Sarah and I grew closer I started spending more and more time with Lincoln. Watching him learn to laugh, hold a bottle, eat baby food, crawl, eat “real food” pretty much any food…the kid has no lack of appetite! Taking him shopping and watching him go from a baby seat to the seat in the front of the cart to the first ride in the back of a shopping cart (I had to keep Sarah from crying in Marshals for that one “My baby is growing too fast” she said) However I looked at it like it simply meant she & Scott were doing a great job as parents helping him learn, grow and again reach another milestone.


Lincoln is ALWAYS happy. I walk in a room and he smiles, I make a face he smiles, I make a silly noise he laughs, I turn on a ceiling fan he’s entertained and completely focused on it for an endless amount of time. It’s like he’s an old soul stuck in a baby’s body.

I remember the first time we babysat him. He was just a small guy & it was going to be a long stint. Sarah & Scott had a wedding in Gettysburg. They left & he didn’t cry! OK we thought Accomplishment #1! I placed him in his boppy and made a few funny faces and he would smile this big gum filled smile. Accomplishment #2 the baby is smiling! Later we decided to eat so I placed him in his swing. He didn’t sleep he just rocked in his swing, looking around quietly while we ate in peace (If you know anything about babies you RARELY get to eat in peace!) Accomplishment #3 we ate! After feeding Link, playing and a little cat nap we did bath time. Boy did he LOVE the water! After we lotioned him up got him dressed in him pajamas and went to rock him to sleep yet again an accomplishment; #4 the boy was fed and sleeping peacefully on my chest! It’s at this moment Chris and I looked at each other and said “You know we for sure have this parenting thing down but man if we don’t get a baby this good we’re screwed!” We have been blessed & spoiled by amazing babies! Lincoln was one of them.
I look forward to watching Lincoln grow. Learn to talk (Boy will Sarah and I be in trouble the first time we realize he can repeat what we say!) Run around, go to his preschool graduation, his first t-ball game, kindergarten graduation and eventually high school then college & everything in between. I know he will continue to amaze me, make me laugh, give me endless stories to tell and most importantly he will always be that baby boy who reminded me of all the good things in this world and the many reasons I had to be thankful for.

Uncle Chris and I love you Boo Butt and just remember if mom and dad say “no” we are here to say “YES!”
Love you always and forever,
Aunt Kacey

Lincoln is 11 months old and counting! The past month he has learned to give 'high fives', is getting better at giving kisses, has begun communicating with his hands, is still coming to work with mommy, has started acting shy, is saying 'ma ma' A LOT, and took his first steps! He likes to drink his bath water, eat brussel sprouts, cheese in any form, and scrambled eggs. He likes to play with any and all balls and his beloved strawberry magnet that I played with as a child. Things that help him through the day are his blue silky blankie, his MAM pacis and touching the porch light each day when we return home. As we pause for me to unlock the door, Lincoln reaches up and briefly touches the lamp. Every day, without fail.

This months guest blogger is Princess Kacey Pouliot. She loves pit bulls, champagne, pink glitter anything and Lincoln. She was Lincoln's very first baby sitter and has done many things for the first time with him including feeding him froyo, French fries, and taking him on one of his first shopping trips of many. She is most-likely to introduce Lincoln to the concept of 'not sugar-coating things', and will probably be someone that Lincoln will share secrets with when he is older. I'd be OK with that :)

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