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My new word, coined especially for this post, to capture in some small measure the incredible experience of being a grandparent.  This blog is my meager attempt to explain the excitement and wonder I feel whenever I have the good fortune to be around one of those little muchkins known as grandchildren, in person, photo or just in thoughts.  Grandparenthoodositynessful is close to describing that feeling, but not quite.  I think it might look a little like this photo of Lincoln (below), if you could find it in the dictionary!  I’m pretty sure it is accompanied by a goofy smile, some silly sounds and lots of love.  I can tell you, though, that it does include many of the feelings and responsibilities of parenthood, but without as many poopy diapers and late night feedings!

Lincoln Jay LaCoss, the newest addition to our family!  New grandchildren are such a gift.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU, Scott and Sarah, for having the courage and love to bring Lincoln into this world.  As Grandparents, grandchildren are the promise of experiencing the world as new, once again.  They offer us the chance to fall in love with another human being all over again. 

We get to watch that new person experience the world all over again; learning fast and using every tool and sense available to experience, learn, and grow in understanding of the world around him. …and to give him presents and watch him eat the box!

We get to experience the joy of watching you, as parents, lovingly caring for and teaching your new son about how to appreciate the world and all of the miracles in it.  And watch you grow and evolve through your own new experiences and the challenges of parenthood.  ….and first crawl, first words, first teeth, first steps and the string of miracles that accompany new life. We are so happy for you…nearly Grandparenthoodositynessful, but not quite.

Grandchildren provide a unique focal point because of the life-stage of grandparents.  We’ve lived through the lean times.  We’ve struggled and overcome our challenges.  We’ve raised fine adults who now face those same challenges themselves.  Grandchildren remind us that the world also includes dangers and that we need to be protective and careful and do all we can to help them grow up safely, securely and healthy. 

Finally, our grandchildren offer us hope for the future.  Grandchildren are the promise of new memories and joys to carry with us into old age.  We know that another generation comes behind us to carry on our name, our traditions, our stories, or history and to ensure that the love of a family extends beyond our own short lifetime.  That future includes such wonderful opportunities as sharing our passions with them, spoiling them, and taking them to wonderful events.  It means the possibility of expanding Patriot Nation to another fan!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist, because, after all the Patriots are in the playoffs again….and the Ravens are not!  Sorry Sarah!)  Of course, it also means that he could own a SuperBowl Championship hat in his very first year…(maybe the Patriots or the 49ers); either way it’s pretty darn cool!

As this is part of the circle of life, I will close where I began.  Grandparenthoodositynessful!  That’s how I feel about Lincoln, Noah, Alli and Mariah, my grandchildren.  I love you all with all my heart and will always be there for you.


Lincoln is 9 months old, 22 lb. (70th percentile) and 29" tall (75th percentile) with a head circumference of 18" (60th percentile). He loves balls, yelling, carrying toys in his mouth, drinking from cups, his silky blue blanket ('base' as we call it because he returns to it often while playing just to touch it, rub his face on it and return to playing), and taking birdie bites from whoever has food, no matter what it is. He is crawling like a champ and loves to explore anywhere he can, pulls himself into standing and 'cruises', knows to switch a toy from hand to hand while getting dressed and is awfully clumsy when tired.  This past month he celebrated his first snow and first sledding, experienced Santa and Christmas, and rang in 2014!

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This months contributor is Scott LaCoss Sr., Lincoln's grandad, hardcore Patriots fan and Lincoln's future rule-breaking accomplice who is sure to get Lincoln in trouble at least a handful of times. He is the author of a magnificent review of Reveille in Hot Springs: The Battle to Save Our VA, Maryland's #1 egg poacher, Harley Davidson and Amazon enthusiast and loving husband, father, and grandfather.

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