Monday, August 27, 2012

Every fox has a tail...

Most of you will never understand and that's OK- my father and I share the same humor and often we are the only ones that really ever 'get it' or think it's funny. Scott is one of the few people that not only gets it but has been blessed with some odd humor of his own that he received from his own father.

We used to take family vacations in beautiful Sanibel Island, FL and to get there we drove for 2 days in the family van. Carrie and I always fought over the back seat because it had those few extra, precious inches of space. Driving such a long distance you are sure to hit a few pot holes or bumps along your journey and dad thought he was being clever by yelling "Alligator!" anytime we hit a bump. Carrie and I would scramble to the windows, surveying the road behind the van, looking for that poor alligator that we had just run over. On vacation this summer I was driving with my sister through a wetlands/marsh area in Primehook Beach, DE and shouted "Alligator!" Carrie followed immediately by "Where?!" and I just could not contain my laughter. Of course, she knew there weren't alligators, but our brains have been shaped by our fathers humor. 

Such is the story of our tails. Carrie and I had tails when we were babies. They cut them off when we were very, very little. Ask my mother or father, they will both tell you the same. A few days ago my mother sent me and Scott this email:

From: Carole Waddell
To: Sarah LaCoss; Scott LaCoss
Sent: Mon, Aug 20, 2012 7:37 pm
Subject: your baby
Ha, Ha! Right now your baby really does have a tail!

Love you!!!

And today my pregnancy update email reported that the tail will disappear within a few more weeks. It was a little sad. Not that I want our baby to be born with a tail, but sad because we will never get to see the actual tail like my parents got to see mine, before it was removed. I guess we will just have to make up a story to tell our child....

PS. The baby is the size of a blueberry! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peas on Earth

Week 6

The most amazing thing is now happening with our baby- the heart is BEATING!

And is the size of a pea!

Moods are swinging in the breeze this week. Scott's a good sport. The breeze is strong but at least it is short-lived!

I am not sure why I never enjoyed flavored sparkling water before but I cannot get enough of it now!  Haven't seen this in stores yet but I will not be able to hide my excitement when I do! What wonderful 3 words: Coconut. Sparkling. Water.

I thought I would miss wine and booze more... give it some time.  We are looking forward to our first OB visit next week! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sitting 'round waiting on 2 pink lines....and then waiting for Scott to make his coffee!

Aug 15 2012. 10 days late. Could we really...?

Laying in bed at 5:30 am. No falling back asleep at this point. Today is the decided day that we will test our patience (longest 3 minutes!) and take a pregnancy test. Or 2.

Pregnancy test #1!

This is where it gets tricky. I had recently purchased this awesome custom spoon to share the news with Scott for just this moment. Trouble is, he had to find the spoon on his own. So at 5:45 am I tip-toed downstairs, placed the spoon on the Keurig and then laid back in bed and waited. and waited.

"Good morning love, we're having a baby" spoon from Sycamore Hill Etsy shop

Luckily I fell back asleep and when we both woke up, I couldn't believe it-  I would finally be able to tell him (via the spoon). The suspense would be over! It was just my luck that this morning Scott wasn't rushed to make his coffee. I had waited too long already to blow it, but I so badly wanted to shout from the top of my lungs "WE ARE PREGNANT!". But I waited. and waited more. Finally Scott came to me holding the spoon "What is this? Are you serious!?" Big grin on his face and butterflies in my stomach. This is the story of a new chapter in our lives and the journey that our pregnancy will surely be taking us on.

Family and friends, come along for the ride.

August 17 2012

Blood test results from the Dr are in. Its definite and we are 5-6 weeks pregnant! Baby brain has taken over for both of us already :)

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