Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 12 months our precious Lincoln! You are now walking! You took your first steps with Grandad (mommy and daddy were there too) and then first REALLY walked with him too, weeks apart. You must be trying to show off to him. Don't worry, he already knew you were special...we all did, and continue to be reminded, every day, that you are so precious to us. You eat great, but especially love cheese anything; cheese curls, cheese slices, string cheese. You love ceiling fans, your blankie (which are now Blankie #'s 2-4), balls, getting chased, climbing the stairs before we can catch you, getting a hold of anything you aren't supposed to have, seeing what you can fit entirely in your mouth, splashing in the cat's water bowl and trying to drink just like them, playing with your cousins and bath time/splash time.

This past year has been such an amazing ride, and I can't wait to ride it again and again, year after year. This blog brings me full circle; I started it with memories of my own childhood, and now I have memories to tell of Lincoln's life...with many more to come. I love you Lincoln...more than you will ever know.

I will hold your hands forever
Before you were born, I felt them move
Flutters, tickles, an odd sensation
I loved them before I ever held them

Your April hands were fresh and wrinkled, both old and new
They touched my face and moved without intention
Your little hands amazed me so

Your May hands brushed my skin as you drank
They grasped, and clawed, and grazed my face
I wondered what they would do in this life

By June your little hands were learning quickly
Made into fists, opened and closed
I held them while you slept

Your July hands found your mouth
They wrinkled and grew pruney; they felt the warmth of the sun
I will always dry when wet, warm when cold

August brought water to your hands by lake and by pool
They reached for toys, snuggled your blankies, and helped you roll over
I love seeing those hands explore new things

Your September hands grew strong and with intent, jobs to be done
Tired eyes needed rubbing and pacifiers needed re-placing
Already those hands were gaining independence

Your October hands were 6 months old, chubby and older in appearance
This month brought toy-shaking, cat-petting, button -pushing
I comforted them in the chill of fall

Your November hands held on tightly
To me, to your bottle, to little bits of food on it’s way to your mouth
I am blessed to have those hands holding onto me

December was fun and your hands continued to grow strong
They pulled you into standing, supported your crawl and tore into presents
They reached for me and I reached back

Your January hands became more attached
They clutched tightly to your blankie and reached to be held, hugged
I would know those precious hands anywhere

February came and went, and your hands grew even more!
Reached high into the air and mimicked what you saw others do
High-fives and hugs, those hands will express joy and love

Your March hands turned into those of a child before our eyes
They are letting go, yet holding on
There is no limit to what they can do

Your April hands are 1 year old now!
They pat and hold and wave and clap
I loved them before I ever held them, and I will hold your hands forever.

Love, Mommy

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Loving Lincoln

Loving Lincoln

  Being an aunt is one of those things in life that brings me so much joy and happiness. Not only do I get to be a part of a child's life but I get to watch that child grow, reach milestones & share in their accomplishments along their journey through life.
Lincoln is very special to me; you see when Lincoln was born I was going through a very sad time. The day before his arrival my best friend of 17 years lost her mom suddenly. I was there at the hospital till the end. I had been crying more than not & my heart hurt badly. As I was off to buy a funeral dress I saw a text come through and thought: I simply cannot answer one more text about funeral plans, what happened, how I was or the other endless questions I had become lesion for. I grabbed my phone and saw the text was from Sarah. It was picture and the words “Welcome to the world Lincoln Jay LaCoss! 8lb 10 oz. healthy!” I burst into tears. It was at that moment I realized where there is death there is also life and this little guy was a reason the world would still turn, proof good things still happen & that life will continue to go on. I had many reasons to be appreciative and to smile; at this moment he was that reason. I looked at his picture in a parking lot of a store for probably 15 minutes. I was so happy for Scott, Sarah, Bip, Lala and all the other family members who would get the honor of being in this sweet boy’s life.

The First time I met Lincoln Jay he was so small and didn’t do much but my dogs sure took a liking to him. Licking his face, laying on the floor right beside him and taking him in as if he was the newest member of the “wolf pack.” I held him and he looked up and smiled. This kid already had my heart but now he had me wrapped around that oh so tiny finger.
As the months went on and Sarah and I grew closer I started spending more and more time with Lincoln. Watching him learn to laugh, hold a bottle, eat baby food, crawl, eat “real food” pretty much any food…the kid has no lack of appetite! Taking him shopping and watching him go from a baby seat to the seat in the front of the cart to the first ride in the back of a shopping cart (I had to keep Sarah from crying in Marshals for that one “My baby is growing too fast” she said) However I looked at it like it simply meant she & Scott were doing a great job as parents helping him learn, grow and again reach another milestone.


Lincoln is ALWAYS happy. I walk in a room and he smiles, I make a face he smiles, I make a silly noise he laughs, I turn on a ceiling fan he’s entertained and completely focused on it for an endless amount of time. It’s like he’s an old soul stuck in a baby’s body.

I remember the first time we babysat him. He was just a small guy & it was going to be a long stint. Sarah & Scott had a wedding in Gettysburg. They left & he didn’t cry! OK we thought Accomplishment #1! I placed him in his boppy and made a few funny faces and he would smile this big gum filled smile. Accomplishment #2 the baby is smiling! Later we decided to eat so I placed him in his swing. He didn’t sleep he just rocked in his swing, looking around quietly while we ate in peace (If you know anything about babies you RARELY get to eat in peace!) Accomplishment #3 we ate! After feeding Link, playing and a little cat nap we did bath time. Boy did he LOVE the water! After we lotioned him up got him dressed in him pajamas and went to rock him to sleep yet again an accomplishment; #4 the boy was fed and sleeping peacefully on my chest! It’s at this moment Chris and I looked at each other and said “You know we for sure have this parenting thing down but man if we don’t get a baby this good we’re screwed!” We have been blessed & spoiled by amazing babies! Lincoln was one of them.
I look forward to watching Lincoln grow. Learn to talk (Boy will Sarah and I be in trouble the first time we realize he can repeat what we say!) Run around, go to his preschool graduation, his first t-ball game, kindergarten graduation and eventually high school then college & everything in between. I know he will continue to amaze me, make me laugh, give me endless stories to tell and most importantly he will always be that baby boy who reminded me of all the good things in this world and the many reasons I had to be thankful for.

Uncle Chris and I love you Boo Butt and just remember if mom and dad say “no” we are here to say “YES!”
Love you always and forever,
Aunt Kacey

Lincoln is 11 months old and counting! The past month he has learned to give 'high fives', is getting better at giving kisses, has begun communicating with his hands, is still coming to work with mommy, has started acting shy, is saying 'ma ma' A LOT, and took his first steps! He likes to drink his bath water, eat brussel sprouts, cheese in any form, and scrambled eggs. He likes to play with any and all balls and his beloved strawberry magnet that I played with as a child. Things that help him through the day are his blue silky blankie, his MAM pacis and touching the porch light each day when we return home. As we pause for me to unlock the door, Lincoln reaches up and briefly touches the lamp. Every day, without fail.

This months guest blogger is Princess Kacey Pouliot. She loves pit bulls, champagne, pink glitter anything and Lincoln. She was Lincoln's very first baby sitter and has done many things for the first time with him including feeding him froyo, French fries, and taking him on one of his first shopping trips of many. She is most-likely to introduce Lincoln to the concept of 'not sugar-coating things', and will probably be someone that Lincoln will share secrets with when he is older. I'd be OK with that :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A message from Aunt Sootie

Dear sweet Lincoln,
I will never forget the feeling I got inside when I found out that your Mom and Dad were pregnant with you.  I am so glad that they decided to become parents, because they are amazing.  They are both loving, caring, and amazingly patient (which will definitely be very important as you grow).   They day you were born was interesting for me and will be burned in my memory forever.  When I got the news that you were going to be coming, I went into overdrive.  I wanted to make sure that I was going to be at that hospital when you were born, and its a 3 1/2 hr drive to get there.  I rushed around my office to get my work done, and then got in my van and made the right, in record time I might add.  I made it just in time to visit with your mom and dad before the doctor said you were ready to come.  As I sat out in the waiting room, I couldn't help but think about the moment when I became a parent for the first time.  Your world completely changes in a moment, and it is the best feeling ever.  After you finally arrived and I got to see you, it was love at first sight. 
Being an aunt is great.

Being an aunt is amazing, but if you ask Noah and Alli, being a cousin way better.  When they found out you were born, they were overcome with excitement and joy.  They were also a little bit angry with me, because the weren't able to come when you were born.  They waited so patiently to meet you for the first time.  They got to see you in pictures and over the phone, but to them, meeting you was the ultimate prize. The day you came to Salisbury to visit, they stood at the door watching out the window, waiting for you to pull into the driveway.  They were so tickled, that they weren't even concerned with the fact that your mom and dad were here (which is saying something because boy they love your mom and dad).  They were overjoyed to be able to hold you, and kiss you, and snuggle up with you.  As you get bigger, they will get to play with you more, and teach you different things (hopefully not to many bad things).  Lincoln, you are so lucky to have amazing cousins to help you along the way.

You have gotten to experience so many things for the first time this year, and as you grow you will experience many more.  Some of them may not be great, and some will be amazing.  Always remember that no matter what, you have an amazing family to help you.  We will be cause for many smiles, many laughs, and probably some tears.  We will also be a shoulder to cry on when bad things happen or you are just sad.  We will be your cheering section for all the amazing things. I am so thankful to have the honor of being your aunt and getting to watch you grow.  Thank you Scott and Sarah for giving me such an amazing nephew, and also another little boy for Noah to play with.

Lincoln is 2 months away from turning 1. Where did the time go? He saw his first big snowstorm, is still coming to work with mommy, can stand for a few seconds on his own, and had his final ride in his beloved swing this month. He has 4 new teeth on the top, and still just 2 on the bottom. He is able to understand a lot of his toys, which buttons turn them on, which levers to push to release a ball, etc., can climb stairs and walk pushing his ride-on/push walker. Lincoln is starting to snuggle more and more, which Scott and I LOVE! :)  Lincoln likes his kitty cats, the vacuum cleaner (or anything that makes a loud noise such as the blender, my hair dryer), drinking water (even if it means sucking it from his washcloth), balls, spaghetti, yogurt, black beans and crackers. And although both times it was while he was crying for me, Lincoln said 'Mom' twice. At least that's what I claim.


This months guest blogger is Tiffani Cooper; Lincoln's Aunt, and the person who has been IMpatiently awaiting his arrival the longest. She resides in Salisbury, MD, is a wine connoisseur, and likes long walks o the beach.

Thursday, January 16, 2014



My new word, coined especially for this post, to capture in some small measure the incredible experience of being a grandparent.  This blog is my meager attempt to explain the excitement and wonder I feel whenever I have the good fortune to be around one of those little muchkins known as grandchildren, in person, photo or just in thoughts.  Grandparenthoodositynessful is close to describing that feeling, but not quite.  I think it might look a little like this photo of Lincoln (below), if you could find it in the dictionary!  I’m pretty sure it is accompanied by a goofy smile, some silly sounds and lots of love.  I can tell you, though, that it does include many of the feelings and responsibilities of parenthood, but without as many poopy diapers and late night feedings!

Lincoln Jay LaCoss, the newest addition to our family!  New grandchildren are such a gift.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU, Scott and Sarah, for having the courage and love to bring Lincoln into this world.  As Grandparents, grandchildren are the promise of experiencing the world as new, once again.  They offer us the chance to fall in love with another human being all over again. 

We get to watch that new person experience the world all over again; learning fast and using every tool and sense available to experience, learn, and grow in understanding of the world around him. …and to give him presents and watch him eat the box!

We get to experience the joy of watching you, as parents, lovingly caring for and teaching your new son about how to appreciate the world and all of the miracles in it.  And watch you grow and evolve through your own new experiences and the challenges of parenthood.  ….and first crawl, first words, first teeth, first steps and the string of miracles that accompany new life. We are so happy for you…nearly Grandparenthoodositynessful, but not quite.

Grandchildren provide a unique focal point because of the life-stage of grandparents.  We’ve lived through the lean times.  We’ve struggled and overcome our challenges.  We’ve raised fine adults who now face those same challenges themselves.  Grandchildren remind us that the world also includes dangers and that we need to be protective and careful and do all we can to help them grow up safely, securely and healthy. 

Finally, our grandchildren offer us hope for the future.  Grandchildren are the promise of new memories and joys to carry with us into old age.  We know that another generation comes behind us to carry on our name, our traditions, our stories, or history and to ensure that the love of a family extends beyond our own short lifetime.  That future includes such wonderful opportunities as sharing our passions with them, spoiling them, and taking them to wonderful events.  It means the possibility of expanding Patriot Nation to another fan!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist, because, after all the Patriots are in the playoffs again….and the Ravens are not!  Sorry Sarah!)  Of course, it also means that he could own a SuperBowl Championship hat in his very first year…(maybe the Patriots or the 49ers); either way it’s pretty darn cool!

As this is part of the circle of life, I will close where I began.  Grandparenthoodositynessful!  That’s how I feel about Lincoln, Noah, Alli and Mariah, my grandchildren.  I love you all with all my heart and will always be there for you.


Lincoln is 9 months old, 22 lb. (70th percentile) and 29" tall (75th percentile) with a head circumference of 18" (60th percentile). He loves balls, yelling, carrying toys in his mouth, drinking from cups, his silky blue blanket ('base' as we call it because he returns to it often while playing just to touch it, rub his face on it and return to playing), and taking birdie bites from whoever has food, no matter what it is. He is crawling like a champ and loves to explore anywhere he can, pulls himself into standing and 'cruises', knows to switch a toy from hand to hand while getting dressed and is awfully clumsy when tired.  This past month he celebrated his first snow and first sledding, experienced Santa and Christmas, and rang in 2014!

Whatcha girls doooin
cousins <3

This months contributor is Scott LaCoss Sr., Lincoln's grandad, hardcore Patriots fan and Lincoln's future rule-breaking accomplice who is sure to get Lincoln in trouble at least a handful of times. He is the author of a magnificent review of Reveille in Hot Springs: The Battle to Save Our VA, Maryland's #1 egg poacher, Harley Davidson and Amazon enthusiast and loving husband, father, and grandfather.

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