Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lincolns month in photos

 Lincoln, here is your last month in photos. XO - mom

You took your first trip to NJ and met a lot of family for the first time.

This was a big month for development! You learned to get your foot to your mouth and how to use your hands to hold toys and reach for things. You are rolling over like a pro. You also learned how to get up onto your knees and even started sleeping up on your knees. You will be crawling any day now!

You started rubbing your eyes when you get sleepy. It is one of my most favorite things to see you do. You are so precious!

You ate rice cereal for the first time. You weren't crazy for it but you're liking it more and more each time you have it. You eat much better for daddy than for me. This month you had carrots too!

You met your cousin Mariah for the first time. She was so excited!

You spent a lot of time in the pool with friends and family. And boy did it make you sleepy!

You celebrated Bip's birthday. And you get the cutest wrinkle at the top of your nose when you are really excited.

You saw your reflection in the mirror and for the first time it caught your attention.

 And as usual, you filled our hearts with joy!

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