Thursday, August 15, 2013

16 weeks

Here I am at 16 weeks pregnant:

And here is Lincoln, 16 weeks old...for the second time.

It's kind of strange that he has already been 16 weeks old, so in reality Lincoln is 55 weeks old; or about 14 months. How's that food for thought.

Anyhow, Lincoln's growing so fast, big surprise. Go figure- that's what babies do.

Scott and I are really starting to feel like we have a kid now...not a little baby. The fact that he's 16 lbs. may or may not have anything to do with that. Lincolns personality is starting to show, laughing and 'talking' more, becoming more mobile and just interacting with the world around him more, in general- watching his mobile, noticing people on TV, using his silky snuggler to soothe himself to sleep. Its so strange how things happen so slowly but yet so fast. I can barely remember the first time he cooed, the first time he smiled. Each new thing he does stands alone, so important and amazing, but yet they all seem to blend together over a matter of just a few weeks, days even. Just in the past week he rolled over onto his stomach like he had done it a million times already.

He had rolled over before, from his tummy to his back, but it took him quite a while and he had to get pretty pissed before he would give enough push to get himself over, and he had only done it a handful of times. Then, about a week ago he was laying on the floor on his back and before my eyes, he rolled right over onto his stomach, propped up on his elbows and looked around like it was no big deal. I, on the other hand, couldn't believe what I had seen. Just to test the waters, I rolled him back over onto his back. Like our cats, annoyed as hell with us when we hold them like babies, quick to upright themselves, Lincoln flipped right over. The next morning brought us to the next step in Lincolns evolution...we found him sleeping soundly on his stomach in his crib. There was no going back, this boy had it down. Slowly, over the next few days, Lincoln went from back to tummy to his back again. Usually Lincoln just laid on his tummy, sucking his hands or fussing, but now he is starting to look around, smile and check out toys we put in front of him on the floor, propped up his elbows, looking almost proud of himself. So, although we may say Lincoln has the whole rolling-over thing down, that activity is built by many tiny events that in time, will fade and take place by a series of events that will most likely go as follows:  Lincoln wriggles around on the floor, Lincoln wriggles himself with the specific goal of getting from point A to point B, Lincoln crawls. And although we will simply say, 'Lincoln is crawling'- know that each milestone is made up of 10 little step stones. It is these step stones that seem to get forgotten the easiest, just as I am starting to forget the way it first sounded when he made a noise that wasn't crying, because now hearing him talk is an everyday occurrence.

Although time stands still at times, but yet moves so fast, it is amazing seeing the changes and watching him grow. So here's to you, Lincoln, our big 4 month-old! May you grow slowly, no matter how fast time goes by.


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