Thursday, February 13, 2014

A message from Aunt Sootie

Dear sweet Lincoln,
I will never forget the feeling I got inside when I found out that your Mom and Dad were pregnant with you.  I am so glad that they decided to become parents, because they are amazing.  They are both loving, caring, and amazingly patient (which will definitely be very important as you grow).   They day you were born was interesting for me and will be burned in my memory forever.  When I got the news that you were going to be coming, I went into overdrive.  I wanted to make sure that I was going to be at that hospital when you were born, and its a 3 1/2 hr drive to get there.  I rushed around my office to get my work done, and then got in my van and made the right, in record time I might add.  I made it just in time to visit with your mom and dad before the doctor said you were ready to come.  As I sat out in the waiting room, I couldn't help but think about the moment when I became a parent for the first time.  Your world completely changes in a moment, and it is the best feeling ever.  After you finally arrived and I got to see you, it was love at first sight. 
Being an aunt is great.

Being an aunt is amazing, but if you ask Noah and Alli, being a cousin way better.  When they found out you were born, they were overcome with excitement and joy.  They were also a little bit angry with me, because the weren't able to come when you were born.  They waited so patiently to meet you for the first time.  They got to see you in pictures and over the phone, but to them, meeting you was the ultimate prize. The day you came to Salisbury to visit, they stood at the door watching out the window, waiting for you to pull into the driveway.  They were so tickled, that they weren't even concerned with the fact that your mom and dad were here (which is saying something because boy they love your mom and dad).  They were overjoyed to be able to hold you, and kiss you, and snuggle up with you.  As you get bigger, they will get to play with you more, and teach you different things (hopefully not to many bad things).  Lincoln, you are so lucky to have amazing cousins to help you along the way.

You have gotten to experience so many things for the first time this year, and as you grow you will experience many more.  Some of them may not be great, and some will be amazing.  Always remember that no matter what, you have an amazing family to help you.  We will be cause for many smiles, many laughs, and probably some tears.  We will also be a shoulder to cry on when bad things happen or you are just sad.  We will be your cheering section for all the amazing things. I am so thankful to have the honor of being your aunt and getting to watch you grow.  Thank you Scott and Sarah for giving me such an amazing nephew, and also another little boy for Noah to play with.

Lincoln is 2 months away from turning 1. Where did the time go? He saw his first big snowstorm, is still coming to work with mommy, can stand for a few seconds on his own, and had his final ride in his beloved swing this month. He has 4 new teeth on the top, and still just 2 on the bottom. He is able to understand a lot of his toys, which buttons turn them on, which levers to push to release a ball, etc., can climb stairs and walk pushing his ride-on/push walker. Lincoln is starting to snuggle more and more, which Scott and I LOVE! :)  Lincoln likes his kitty cats, the vacuum cleaner (or anything that makes a loud noise such as the blender, my hair dryer), drinking water (even if it means sucking it from his washcloth), balls, spaghetti, yogurt, black beans and crackers. And although both times it was while he was crying for me, Lincoln said 'Mom' twice. At least that's what I claim.


This months guest blogger is Tiffani Cooper; Lincoln's Aunt, and the person who has been IMpatiently awaiting his arrival the longest. She resides in Salisbury, MD, is a wine connoisseur, and likes long walks o the beach.

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