Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 12 months our precious Lincoln! You are now walking! You took your first steps with Grandad (mommy and daddy were there too) and then first REALLY walked with him too, weeks apart. You must be trying to show off to him. Don't worry, he already knew you were special...we all did, and continue to be reminded, every day, that you are so precious to us. You eat great, but especially love cheese anything; cheese curls, cheese slices, string cheese. You love ceiling fans, your blankie (which are now Blankie #'s 2-4), balls, getting chased, climbing the stairs before we can catch you, getting a hold of anything you aren't supposed to have, seeing what you can fit entirely in your mouth, splashing in the cat's water bowl and trying to drink just like them, playing with your cousins and bath time/splash time.

This past year has been such an amazing ride, and I can't wait to ride it again and again, year after year. This blog brings me full circle; I started it with memories of my own childhood, and now I have memories to tell of Lincoln's life...with many more to come. I love you Lincoln...more than you will ever know.

I will hold your hands forever
Before you were born, I felt them move
Flutters, tickles, an odd sensation
I loved them before I ever held them

Your April hands were fresh and wrinkled, both old and new
They touched my face and moved without intention
Your little hands amazed me so

Your May hands brushed my skin as you drank
They grasped, and clawed, and grazed my face
I wondered what they would do in this life

By June your little hands were learning quickly
Made into fists, opened and closed
I held them while you slept

Your July hands found your mouth
They wrinkled and grew pruney; they felt the warmth of the sun
I will always dry when wet, warm when cold

August brought water to your hands by lake and by pool
They reached for toys, snuggled your blankies, and helped you roll over
I love seeing those hands explore new things

Your September hands grew strong and with intent, jobs to be done
Tired eyes needed rubbing and pacifiers needed re-placing
Already those hands were gaining independence

Your October hands were 6 months old, chubby and older in appearance
This month brought toy-shaking, cat-petting, button -pushing
I comforted them in the chill of fall

Your November hands held on tightly
To me, to your bottle, to little bits of food on it’s way to your mouth
I am blessed to have those hands holding onto me

December was fun and your hands continued to grow strong
They pulled you into standing, supported your crawl and tore into presents
They reached for me and I reached back

Your January hands became more attached
They clutched tightly to your blankie and reached to be held, hugged
I would know those precious hands anywhere

February came and went, and your hands grew even more!
Reached high into the air and mimicked what you saw others do
High-fives and hugs, those hands will express joy and love

Your March hands turned into those of a child before our eyes
They are letting go, yet holding on
There is no limit to what they can do

Your April hands are 1 year old now!
They pat and hold and wave and clap
I loved them before I ever held them, and I will hold your hands forever.

Love, Mommy

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