Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our final days

Lincoln has still not made his arrival, but he will be here before we know it. Since he hasn't come yet, the Dr. is pretty sure that he will come this weekend. However, if he doesn't, I am scheduled for induction bright and early Monday morning.

I am a ball of emotions! Anxious, excited, nervous and I am in awe and wonder about meeting our little one at last. We have been waiting to meet him for about 7 months now, and he has been growing inside of me for 9. It is amazing to think about the incredible feat that we have performed. Scott and I have created a human being that has grown from a clump of cells into a little baby, with a brain and a beating heart.

I will miss feeling him move inside of me but I cannot even imagine how it will feel to see his face, feel his skin and to fall in love.

Our lives will never again be the same. Our days will be filled with dirty diapers, crying, and lots of bottles, but they will also be filled with joy and pride. We will get to feel the excitement when he first rolls over, takes his first steps, says his first word. Our eyes may burn from the lack of sleep from times to time, but our cheeks will hurt from smiling and laughing. We will learn what we are really made of and grow to love each other in a brand new way.

Lincoln, we can't wait to meet you. We love you so much already.

12 Weeks

39 Weeks

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