Friday, September 21, 2012

Holy. Shit.

There is a real live baby growing in my belly! No more talking the talk- we are walking the walk too! Up until this point, Scott and I have sort of been in a make-believe zone, in awe and wonder- is this real!? Well, we've got proof and this is whole having a baby deal is on like Donkey Kong!

Wednesday Scott and I had out very first ultrasound appointment and it was unbelievable! They need to warn people:

CAUTION- may cause unexpected explosion of insane emotions!

Laying up on the table and seeing the little baby come into view, realizing that that's what it was- a BABY, was such a crazy feeling! I busted out laughing and made the ultrasound tech loose her place, Scott's bottom jaw JUST about hit the floor. We both were grinning ear to ear. We got into the elevator, stared at the ultrasound pictures for a while, and then remembered that we needed to push the button to take us downstairs! "Sorry- Scott and Sarah have checked out- will return in....who knows if they ever will!"

The tech was amazing and answered all of our questions and amused us by letting us watch the tiny baby for a really long time! She pointed out its little nubs that are currently arm and leg buds, and we even saw it move, which was really just seeing the image get a little blurry for half-a-second- but STILL!! Here are some stats from the visit:

Heart beat: 168 beat per MINUTE! We did not get to hear the heartbeat but we did get to see something just as incredible- our baby's tiny heart, fluttering with those insanely fast little beats!

Size: 1 inch. 1 INCH! (I know most of you are estimating an inch with your fingers right now- yes it's itty bitty but growing bigger every day!)

Estimated Due date in relationship to the baby's size: April 14. We will still go with April 12 that the Dr estimated, for simplicity's sake.

Here's Baby LaCoss' premier!

Baby LaCoss 9 1/2 Weeks Old 9/19/12. Head is to the right. Blows my freakin mind!

I notice that I use the words 'little' and 'tiny' frequently in this post. One thing that was not little during our first ultrasound was my bladder! It should be cruel and unusual punishment to require any human to drink at least 16 oz of water 1 hour prior to an ultrasound, not allow any 'emptying of the bladder' and then push really freakin' hard on said bladder with the ultrasound wand. I guess that's only just the beginning of the discomfort I will soon be enduring!

11 weeks prego today (I think. The whole week this has totally got me confused! Nope- still brunette). I may turn into a smoothie any day. Can't get enough of them. I use fruit that I have cut and frozen, Greek yogurt and either coconut milk or OJ. Put all that jazz in the magic bullet and YUM-O! Jelly Belly's are another necessity! True. love. Scott is doing a great job with quitting smoking and is having cravings of his own- anything for that sweet tooth!

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