Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Olive ya baby!

Scott sent me a text a few days ago that may be the most amazing thing he has ever said to me. It gave me chills, made me smile, scared me a bit and made so glad to be going through this with him as my partner. He's the best.

"There is a little girl here in the waiting room at Dr. Henderson's. She is so cute, she is playing with the toys and singing along to everything she does! Can't wait for ours!!!"

Excuse me while I dry the tears from my eyes! 

Baby LaCoss is the size of an olive this week. Olives ---> Olive juice ----> dirty martinis. mmmm. Must. think. straight. So...olives. Scott and I share a lot of inside 'jokes', bits of memories that have stuck when the rest of the memory has faded away and silly sayings that only ever strengthen our bond. When we first started dating, Scott, being silly, used to tell me that everyone was jealous of us because of the love that we had found. Nasty look from a fellow bar-goer? Jealous of that sexy arm candy :) Bad hours at work? The boss is just jealous. Mayo on your burger when you ordered it plain? Jealous burger joint employee. My mother even surprised us and on the back of our Bride and Groom table place card at our wedding was printed "Jealous table".  Remember, never take yourself too seriously! Be silly, laugh, smile and love.

Now I would like to take a moment to tell Scott that I can't wait until we are watching our little one play and sing, and I love the moments I have with you when we play and sing together and Olive Juice 2tM&b x infinity +1. 

Now back to the baby! 9 Weeks Pregnant. The tail is gone but the heart beat is strong enough to be picked up by a Doppler ultrasound- hopefully we will get to hear it next week! Baby LaCoss has also graduated from an embryo to a fetus this week~ Growing up so fast already. I am feeling pretty tired but otherwise happy and healthy!

Saw this photo on Pinterest and could not stop laughing!

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