Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Even through the aches and pains, I have really enjoyed being pregnant. Feeling our little baby move around inside and knowing that I am growing a human being is just amazing; little kicks and butt shakes, hiccups and all of Lincoln's twists and turns. I knew my belly would get big. I knew I might suffer through typical symptoms such as heartburn, food cravings and swelling. However, there are many things that I was not prepared for. Here is my list of pregnancy surprises. Sorry if this post is TMI. If knowing that this post may be TMI, you may just want to stop reading now.

1. Bloody boogers. Yea, who knew? Because my body is pumping so much extra blood, it is actually not uncommon for pregnant women to have blood in their snot. Some even get a bunch of nosebleeds. Because I am also producing an increased amount of mucus, this makes for a really nasty yet satisfying nose blow in the morning.

2. Leaky boobs. I knew this would happen, but surely didn't expect it at 32 weeks pregnant! Just another reminder that my body is preparing to give life to another being.

3. Itchy skin. Again, I knew my skin might get itchy due to the stretching and growing, but I had no idea that I would itch all over so bad! Over the past week or so it has calmed down quite a bit compared to a few weeks ago but sometimes I start scratching and feel like I just can't stop!

4. The inability to see past my belly button. It's not like I didn't expect the big belly, but it still is just such a huge change that I'm not sure I'll get used to. Its not like I can just suck in my stomach or squish it to the side. No matter how hard I may try, the mirror is my only friend when it comes to this change.

5. Flatulence. I have even gassed myself out of the room. No more needs to be said.

6. Hair growth. Long black hairs on my belly. Sexy. Can you say "tweezers"?

7. Chest acne. Throw a little backne in there to make it extra cute. Scott's been super great and reminds me that its all part of this amazing experience. For this, I love him!

Just because I have mentioned these side effects in this post, please do NOT expect me to discuss them in person. I do have some boundaries after all.

Our cute new chalkboard (Thanks Aunt Debbie!). 6 more weeks to go!

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