Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Spring!

What a crazy time this month has been so far and it is FLYING by! Here's the recap.

I had a beautiful baby shower at an adorable tea bar, The Cup,  in Downtown Westminster. The Cup is a really cool tea bar/cafe and they've got great food too- I recommend you check them out if you are in town! My mom and sister (plus all the awesome help they had!) did a great job selecting the place and making my day extra special :)

Gorgeous cake made by by Rene Fink!

I got to celebrate with LOTS of friends and family :) (I don't have too many photos and had to steal even these, so email me if you've got some! Thanks!)

Camden is ready to meet baby boy!

And we got so many things for Lincoln, including my awesome Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag and about 5,000 wipes (that should last us at least a month, right?)

Boomer must inspect all new items.

Scott and I visited with, and selected, Lincoln's Pediatrician, which made the whole we-are-having-a-baby thing much more real :)

I helped to celebrate Maddox's 1st Birthday- Lincoln's future girlfriend :)

The cats continue to bond over their love of Lincoln's things. They have no idea what they are in for.

George and Trey in Lincoln's Snugamonkey bouncer

We took an infant child safety course at Carroll Hospital Center. We learned infant CPR and what to do if they are choking. We also learned that safety courses will make you feel more nervous than you did going in to the class! Anyone want to come join us in our bubble? I mean, they warn you not to let your kids play in soil for fear that it may contain lead! Isn't that what little kids do?! Crazy. When it comes to these courses you definitely have to take some and leave some!

Scott with our mini baby

We had an appointment with my OB. We are at 35 weeks but according to the doc, I am 36 and full term. At this point I guess it really doesn't matter.
Total weight gain: 32 lb
And this we were not ready for!...

I am 2 cm dilated and our OB predicts that we will be meeting Lincoln much earlier that we originally thought- possibly 14 days earlier which means in about 2 weeks!

Our OB is happy with this because Lincoln is already on the upper end of 6 lbs and if I go another 4 weeks he thinks Lincoln will be quite a large baby. I guess now would be a good time to finish packing that hospital bag!


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