Monday, March 25, 2013

My Hospital Bag Packing List

When you think of the 'it's time' moment, many think of THE HOSPITAL BAG; mom or dad grabbing it as they rush out of the house. I've been doing some research on what to pack for a few weeks now, but when our Dr. informed us of our possible early delivery, I figured I'd better throw at least one or two things in my bag. During my research I found all types of hospital bag packing lists (oh, the many uses of Pinterest!); everything from the minimalist's bag to the bag that has everything you might need if you were giving birth in the woods during the dead of winter. There are even hospital bags that are pre-packed and available for purchase- you can find anything online! I have checked out a few lists and taken advice from friends and family and finally have my bags all packed (aside from the items I am still using). Here are my lists. Feel free to make suggestions and recommendations, I'd love to hear them! :)

Lincoln's Bag (packed for the hospital, not for every day usage...yet):
Ju-Ju-Be BFF Diaper Bag and Paci Pod

- 2 Receiving blankets (I know the hospital will give us some but these we will use for Scott to bring home for the cats to smell the baby, before we bring him home)
- 2 burp clothes
- Lincoln's giraffe blanket, to use as a backdrop for some cute pics and for some super soft cuddling :)
- a few pacifiers, travel size diaper ointment and baby powder
- a bunch of clothes; onesies, gowns and outfits- we don't know what size he'll be and I just have no idea what I will want to put him in, it's not like we live close to the hospital or anything ;)

Hospital will be providing necessities such as diapers, wipes, and more receiving blankets. And of course we will have the car seat :)

My Bag:
Ju-Ju-Be Super Be tote
- A robe and slippers that I don't mind sacrificing to the cause
- A roll of Quarters, compliments of Grammy, in case we (Scott) need vending machine $
- a few pairs of underwear and a few pads (although I am pretty sure the hospital will provide me with most of the post-pregnancy care items that I need)
- 2 nursing tanks from Target as well as a nursing sports bra, a nursing t-shirt, a pair of fleece lounge pants and a pair of grippy socks
- a nursing apron, nipple pads and Motherlove nipple cream that my amazing hubby bought me
- my camera charger
- an extra, empty bag to take things home in that we receive at the hospital
- a cotton maxi dress to wear home
- a SimplySarah cosmetic bag containing toiletries: lotion, shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush, elastic hair ties and headbands, hair clips, and deodorant
- Lincoln's baby book in case I can get the nurses to put his footprints in it

Things I will add when 'it's time'!- my makeup, cell phone charger, laptop for access to the Spotify play list I've made and to other music
Things I will have in my purse already- my camera, insurance info (although I have already pre-registered at the hospital)

I'm  not sure that I'll need or use everything but at least I'll have it, and if there are things I need but don't have, we are close to home and stores to pick up anything. Scott's not packing anything, as most packing lists recommend, since we do live so close to the hospital (1.66 miles to be exact!).

* I've gotten some compliments on my bags and wanted to take a moment to talk about them. My sister introduced me to the brand, Ju-Ju-Be, as it is what she has uses as her diaper bag. She has a purse from them too. I own the BFF, Super Be tote, Paci pod and the Be Quick and even though I haven't actually used any of them outside of the house, I know that they are all going to be great! My diaper bag can be carried as a handbag, a shoulder bag or a backpack. The patterns that Ju-Ju-Be offers are really fun and I love the material of the fabric, which is also anti-microbial. Sorry- that's starting to sound like a sales pitch! Check out their website- they have videos that explain every bag! I checked out a bunch of diaper bags and wanted to make sure I picked one that was going to last and was cute but still functional. It came down to the BFF and the Skip Hop studio tote- so far I am really happy with my decision. I'm glad I have a sister to give me good advice! :)

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