Wednesday, January 16, 2013

14 Weeks to go!

My 26th week has only just begun and so many great things have happened!

This past weekend Scott and I started registering for our baby things. We took a trip to Baby's-R-Us and, with Scott wielding the scanning gun, we started on our way. It was fun to look at all of the baby things- especially anything little or cute, and Scott had fun getting to scan the items! It was also a little overwhelming but we knew that we didn't have to finish in one day, one visit, and so we did what we could (before I got cranky and hungry!). It is amazing all of the things that baby will need, and all of the crazy inventions that have just got to be unnecessary (this article comes to mind). The best part of our trip (aside from lunch at Boston Market afterwards)? We got special parking!

On Sunday I took my first pre-natal yoga class, with Mountain High Yoga. It was a really great experience and I am hoping to be able to attend weekly from now on. Meeting other mommies-to-be, sharing our experiences, and practicing yoga together was really neat! Aside from the obvious health benefits of yoga, the class will also help me learn stretches to help ease specific pregnancy pains, good breathing techniques for labor as well as working on my ability to focus and concentrate.

I had to take the glucose 'challenge' (as LabCorp refers to it) this week and it was really not that bad! Everyone said how horrible it was, warned me to try to keep it down at all costs, and talked about the disgusting syrup I would have to drink. Basically you have 5 minutes to down a small amount of a glucose drink, then wait an hour before your blood is drawn. This checks on how your body processes sugar. The drink was not as bad as everyone told me that it would be. It was extremely sugary, of course, and somewhat thick, but I had no problem drinking it in the 5 minutes. At least that's another pregnancy-related medical test that I can check off my list!

All gone!

This week I have also been inspired to start a 'labor playlist'. I am slowly adding songs to it that I think will either help me concentrate/meditate or get me amped up!  Whether or not we will actually play it, is one thing, but it's been fun adding songs to it so far. I will probably just continue to add songs to it until sometime in April. Let me know if you have suggestions and once it is finished I will share it with you!

Another thing this week that brings a smile to my face is the nursery! Scott and my dad started painting the nursery (Bermuda Sand) and it's really exciting to think that we have finally started creating that space for our little one.

Men at work

On another note- the Ravens and the 49ers are one more step closer to the Superbowl- woohoo! I support the Ravens and Scott is a loyal 49ers fan, so we are hoping for a Harbaugh Superbowl! The Patriots better be prepared for a beatdown this weekend against the Ravens (Sorry Grandad ;) 

Lincoln (yep- not keeping his name a secret anymore!) is starting to move more frequently throughout the day instead of just at bedtime. I think I may have felt some hiccups, too! He weighs close to two pounds and his eyes are starting to open. He is also absorbing my antibodies, preparing his immune system for life in this world.

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