Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A few of my favorite things


In my 25th week of pregnancy, just as I start getting used to my belly, it goes and changes on me! My shoe size has gone up one whole size, I get out of breathe coming up our back stairs (which, for the record are very steep and there are about 20 of them), I feel strains and soreness even though I haven't hit up the gym, I get surprised when my stream of urine lasts longer than 3 seconds (TMI?), that evil dark line going up my belly is starting to show its face and I find myself getting emotional very easily. I have also officially dipped my belly into my food. Twice. I am still really enjoying being pregnant, but I also know that the hardest part is yet to come! I am also getting really nervous about giving birth, but glad that I will have Scott there to blame for all of this try to keep me calm. After 25 weeks of being preggo- here are a few of my favorite things.

25 Week Faves

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil- the description says that it 'deters stretch marks'. I would love it even more if it said prevent! The entire line of products is awesome.
Skinny Girl Mommy Conditioning Belly Butter- nothing worse than an itchy belly. Well, I could think of a few things, but this stuff feels great!
Target Mossimo Long and Lean Tanks- these tanks were a wardrobe staple for me even before pregnancy. They come in lots of colors, are extra long and are great for layering and sleeping. And they're only $8!
Welch's fruit snacks- like candy! Good thing I don't already have a child in the house that I would have to share these with.
Bearpaw Emma Tall boots- not as expensive as Uggs (which don't really fit my large calves anyways) but they are just as cute, super comfy and warm and fit my growing feet! I also have the Sarah boots which are cute too!
Leacho Total Body Pillow- this is great and keeps me from tossing and turning (most nights). Plus, there are like 10 different positons that you can use and it doesn't take up too much more room in the bed (Scott has even admitted to sleeping against it too). I would highly recommend this pillow!

About Baby LaCoss at 25 weeks:

His lungs are getting primed and ready for that very first breath he will take once he is born and his nostrils are unclogging and allowing him to begin to practice breathing. Fat is accumulating and blood capillaries are giving his skin a pink hue.  Baby LaCoss is gearing up for the big day! 

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