Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My pregnancy in numbers

22 Number of weeks pregnant today
28 The number of years old I am
1 Number of pounds baby supposedly weighs
2 Times I got up to use the bathroom last night
4 Times I thought about getting up to use the bathroom last night
18 Week I first felt baby flutters
21 Week I felt the first kick
127 Days since we found out we were pregnant
9 Number of times in a day I think about at least one of the following: cheeseburger, cheesesteak, mango, or orange juice
4 Number of bottles of prenatal vitamins I have gone through
2 Number of medicine bottles I carry with me at all times now (Tylenol and Pepcid AC)
64 Number of days since I have felt really sick
35 Number of days to go until I am in my THIRD trimester
3 Number of pregnancy books I own
0 Number of pregnancy books I actually have read or finished
61 Number of things I have 'pinned' on Pinterest relating to pregnancy/baby
1,649 Days I have been married to my baby daddy XOXO
Countless Number of names that have been thrown around
1 Number of names we have decided on (shhh....still keeping it a secret:)
123 Days until Baby LaCoss makes his debut!

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