Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My other half--- at 20 weeks

This week Baby LaCoss is the length of a banana. He is also able to taste banana- and anything else I eat! He is now able to be measured from head to toe, where as up until this point, he was only measured from head to rump since his little legs were curled up. He's all stretched out now and I am really feeling him move quite a bit, still very sporatic but I feel him move frequently at night. It is the strangest feeling- a mix between a quiver and the quickest, slightest of tummy grumbles. I love feeling it but I think Scott is getting a bit jelaous! By the beginning of January Scott should be able to feel him move- what a great Christmas present that would be!

Little baby LaCoss has also upped his drinking and is gulping down more amniotic fluid than he was before. Gross. Who knew that babies drank that stuff!? Oh the things Scott and I are learning!

Scott is going to be a daddy and I will be a mommy. But in additon to these titles, we will be PARENTS, raising and teaching our little one. And since we are in this together, we didn't want the only pregnancy pictures to be of me, so here is Scott's 20 week photo:

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