Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nighttime magic

How does one make December even more magical? How about feeling my little baby kick for the first time! 12.10.12 marks the date that I felt a first kick. I am still feeling flutters and quivers, but what I felt was so much stronger and more pronounced and gave me chills from head to toe. Scott is still a little nervous about feeling the baby move, but to appease his pregnant wife, placed his hand on my belly. No more kicks but Scott will be sure to feel him soon enough!

My most favorite time of the day is bed time. I love to lay in bed and feel baby LaCoss move. It is when I feel him the most and some nights it is non-stop for several minutes. Sometimes it makes me giggle, but mostly I just lay there with what I am sure is a goofy grin across my face. My mom reminded me about my feelings about being pregnant before I was actually pregnant. It kind of wierded me out! Still does a little but, but more in a 'this is unbelievable' way. I thought for sure it would feel like a strange alien inside of my belly, foreign and unnatural. Not how I feel now- it feels so amazing and just.... right.

My growing belly

My Grammy Al and I went on our annual Christmas shopping trip and she picked up some onesies for little baby LaCoss. Here are two of his first pieces of clothing. I am sure they aren't the only things that have been purchased for him, but these are the ones that I have. Grammy Rose got us the Patriots onesie before we even conceived- her wishful thinking worked, I guess :)

Baby LaCoss onesies from Grammy Al and Grammy Rose

My four boys waiting for baby to make #5!


  1. You have the glow. You look amazing. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

  2. <3 Love the onesies, aside from the Pats one, of course. I'll be sure to get him a Ravens one next time I'm out!


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