Monday, November 26, 2012

A West Virginian Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we took a little trip with my family to a cabin on the Cacapon River, just outside of Berkley Springs, WV.  It was wonderful. As we took the short drive, Scott mentioned that this would be our last Thanksgiving without a child- this time next year our baby will be almost as old as our niece, Cordelia, is now! It is crazy to think about and we can't wait! The house was warm and cozy, right on the water and had a great fireplace that we kept going the entire time. I will definitely miss the warmth and smell! Thanksgiving was relaxing, as mom, Carrie and I made Thanksgiving dishes in the morning and let everything cook in crockpots- it was so simple, stress free and everything turned out great! Just about the only thing we didn't use one for was the turkey- thank goodness we had a lot of counter space for all of those crockpots! We ventured into the town of Berkley Springs one day and I stuck my feet in the water of the natural springs, which is supposed to be very healing and surprisingly was not very cold. Mom, Carrie and I also crafted our very own felted Matryoshka doll ornaments- we love craft time! Saturday Carrie and I went back into town and I had my first prenatal massage. It was heavenly! I can't wait for my next :) Scott and I had a really great time relaxing, spending time with family and with each other, playing with the girls and my baby bump decided to make a grand appearance (I even think I may have felt the baby move in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving!). Here are a few photos from the trip.

Thanksgiving morning sunshine

Enjoying the view (both of us ;)

The three of us :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Some photos from around the house:

Uncle Scott loves that Cordelia Bliss!
Me and my sis

Camden, mid- happy dance
Such a big girl!
Our finished ornaments
Scott and Dan with the girls

Dad and Camden exploring

Mom and Dilly

The trip into the town of Berkley Springs:

Soaking my feet

Mom and Dad

Dad surprised me with a new Pandora bead to remember this time in our lives and celebrate the excitement we all have in anticipation of baby LaCoss! My dad is so sweet- it is a precious little baby carriage:

And last but not least- here is my 18 week photo :)

Now...onto week 19 and finding out the sex of baby LaCoss!!!

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  1. Whelp this made me tear up! Im so happy for all of you. I cant wait to meet baby L!!


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