Monday, November 19, 2012

Operation: candle jar revamp, with bonus footage of a cat freak-out

Not only do I grow human beings, but I also craft! Ever feel wasteful throwing away cool candle jars? Scott and I are in love with Bath & Body Works candles. Actually we are BBW candle snobs and don't purchase non-BBW candles- they just smell that much better! If someone gifts us a non-BBW candle- I will burn it 'til it can't burn no more...but they just aren't the same. Plus, the jars are cool! So below, I have turned empty candle jars into sleek, stylish jars for the bathroom (you could use them for anything!)

Once the candle has burned down to its end, place the jars into the freezer for several hours. Remove the jars and break up the remaining wax and clean the jar. I used hot water and soap and some Goo Gone (Love that stuff!). Simple as that!

I used my jars in the bathroom for make-up pads, bath salts and Q-Tips, but you could put just about anything you wanted in them; hair ties or Bobbie pins, cupcake wrappers (mine seem to take over the cabinet once I have taken them out of the package), etc. Let me know what you would put in your jars!

Here is our 17 Week photo. Baby LaCoss was about 5.1 inches long and weighed 5.9 ounces. I am speaking the past tense because Sundays start the beginning of our next week and I am now actually in week 18! Apparently babies grow quickly (only 40 weeks for a whole human to grow!) and so I am sure those figures aren't even accurate anymore (although they are just rough guidelines to begin with).

Scott and I wanted to see how the cats would react to a baby crying. Trey and Boomer didn't seem to mind. George pretty much had a freak attack and was on pins and needle the entire day. Here is just a snippet of my baby boy freaking out, look at the poor thing!


  1. OK seriously thats GENIUS!! I always said throwing out the jars seemed like such a waste however Im not crafty in the sense I can follow directions but I dont come up with craft ideas on my own. I LOVE THIS ONE!!


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