Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Same old, same old

My 16 week photo- Baby is the size of an avocado!

No new updates on baby LaCoss except that we WILL be finding out the sex of the baby, I had my first baby dream (it was a girl) and the jeans that do still fit are on their last leg...shopping trip coming up!

This week we had our new carpet put in and the office/spare bedroom is just waiting to be turned into a nursery! Scott put together a new desk and an area in the living room for our computer since we will no longer have an office. The house is already starting to come together and we haven't even done too much.

And for those of you who really don't care about this sort of details: please stop reading this and go drink a Spiced Caramel Apple or a Pumpkin Pie for me!

Thanksgiving drink: Pumpkin Pie
Perfect Fall drink: Spiced Caramel Apple Spiced Caramel Apple


  1. I love u because you put a "real" drink on your PREGNANCY blog ;-) I have dubbed this the BEST pregnancy blog EVER <3 kacey


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