Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week 16

To wait or not to wait, that is the question. When people find out we are expecting, after they congratulate us and usually tell us a story from their pregnancy experience, the one thing that almost every single person has asked us is

"Are you going to find out what sex it is?"

Not sure, but I bet you will tell us why we should or shouldn't! I love that people are so curious and excited. The closer it gets to our next ultrasound, the more I think I would like to find out the sex. Scott has wanted to find out all along. Until the final decision has been made I thought I would check out some of the crazy gender predictors that are out there. And some are OUT THERE!

Mayan Legend: Girl
Frequency/Strength of morning sickness: Boy
Craving sweet vs. craving salty and savory: Boy
Chinese Lunar Chart: Boy
Presence of breakouts vs. clear skin: Girl (legend has it that if you have breakouts it's a girl because she is stealing my beauty)- Don't boys want to be pretty too?
Dry hands or soft hands: Boy
Baby's heart rate (140+ = girl, under 140 = boy): Girl
Hanging my wedding ring over my belly: No idea- can't tell if it is swinging in a circle or swinging back and forth!
Eat a clove of garlic, if it seeps out of your pores its a boy, if it doesn't it is a girl: no thanks- not trying this one!
The list goes on and on but these are the ones that I could do without having a big belly yet (Are you carrying high or low?) or urinating in a cup of Draino. WTH?!

Girl: 3
Boy: 4

This week our baby's ears are developing and is able to hear our voices which is pretty amazing! Scott has already acted upon this new development step and likes to talk to the baby. I feel great, aside from the nightly heartburn and frequent headaches!

Love this Obama Maternity Shirt!

And now that we all know that Obama is going to be President for 4 more years (hooray!) and that the gay marriage law has passed in MD (woohoo!) here is a little pregnancy humor to get your mind off the election!   Awkward Pregnancy Photos

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